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USDA Dietary Guidelines 

Click for more reccomends to eat 2 cups of fruit every day

What counts as a cup?
1 cup of raw or cooked fruit or 100% fruit juice; ½ cup dried fruit


Click for more infomationThe USDA Dietary Guidelines 
call for an increase in fruit consumption, here's why:

-For almost all Americans ages 2 years and older, usual fruit intake falls below amounts recommended.

-Dietary fiber that occurs naturally in foods may help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, and type II diabetes.

-Plums contain 3 of the 4 nutrients of concern in the American diet as determined by the USDA dietary guidelines.  They include fiber, potassium, and calcium. 

-A single plum contains 10% of your daily need of vitamin C, a nutrient recommend for women by the USDA dietary guidelines for its capabilities to enhance iron absorption.

-Plums are nutrient dense!  “Nutrient dense” indicates that the nutrients and other beneficial substances in a food have not been “diluted” by the addition of calories from added solid fats, added sugars, or added reined starches, or by the solid fats naturally present in the food.

-Plums are low in calories



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