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Where to Buy Michigan Plums

Click for interactive mapThe Michigan plum season typically runs from mid-July to late September, beginning a few weeks earlier in the southern area of the state.

The list gives some sources of plums for normal years. This list will be expanded, so check back.

Growers and farm marketers wishing to be added to this list should contact the Michigan Plum Advisory Board (see email address on homepage).




Southwest Region

Gary Huntsberger
2301 62nd Street
Fennville, MI  49408

About our business: We grow the plums we sell for fresh market.  Varieties include Stanley, Methley, Shiro, Early Magic, Early Gold. 

J W Morlock & Girls LLC
8410 N Branch Road
Watervliet, MI  49098
Farm market address:  5000 N M 140, 49098-9707 Watervliet, MI

About our business:  We grow plums for our farm market.  Varieties we carry in normal years include Early Golden, Methley, Shiro, Red Heart, Simka, Ozark Premire, Fortune, Damson, Empress, Greengage, Stanley.  

Nye Heritage Farms and Apple Barn, LLC
1532 S. Windsor Drive, St. Joseph, MI 49085
Farm cell (Angela) 269.208.2344

Retail Varieties available at Nye's Apple Barn & Farm Market: Early Gold, Methley, Shiro, Santa Rosa, Black Amber, Toka/Bubblegum, Red Heart, Elephant Heart, Stanley - other varieties are sometimes purchased from other growers so call for availability.  Wholesale (depends on the crop/year): Stanley

More varieties are planted that will be in production soon.

Paul Rood Orchards
Paul Rood
72723 County Road 378
Covert, MI  49043

About our business: We sell plums direct at our farm (2 bushel minimum), and wholesale in half bushel cartons or baskets, field crates, your contaniers.  Varieties grown:  Vibrant, Vanette, Tulare Giant, Sutter, Muir, Stanley, Fortune, Ruby Queen, Red Heart, President.  

South Central Region

Fusilier Farms
Michael Fusilier
16400 Herman Rd.
Manchester, MI 48158

About our business:  We handle several varieties throughout the season.  We sell direct from our market.

Skow’s Berry Farm
Rod Skow
2578 Ogden Hwy.
Adrian, MI 49221

About our business:  We sell plums direct at our farm market.  Our sweetest and juiciest varieties are, in order of ripening:  Early Golden, Methley, Shiro, Early Magic, Early Wizzard, Bluebyrd, Mirabelle, Mt. Royal, Starking Delicious, Alderman, Red Heart, Ruby Queen, Victory, Vision, Valor.  We have many more varieties that are not yet in production.


K's Acres Orchard
Tom and Scott Kolasa
4680 Fitzpatrick Rd
Hillsdale, MI  49242
Facebook: K' 

About our business:  We grow the plums we sell at our farm market.  We sell plums at local farmers markets. Varieties we grow included: Shiro, Bubblegum, Red Heart, Early Gold, Pipestone 

Phillips Orchard & Cider Mill
1174 W Gratiot County Line Rd
Saint Johns, MI  48879

About our business:  We grow Stanley plum for farm markets, including our own. 


West Central Region

Daly Orchard Company
Martin J Daly
3585 W. Jackson Rd
Hart, MI  49420

About our business:  We sell plums wholesale to processors and for farm market.  8 bushel minimum, local delivery only.  We grow Castleton, NY6, NY9, and Stanley.   

Lewis Orchards, Inc.
Scott Lewis
4180 W M-20 
New Era, MI  49446
231-861-5730, fax 231-861-5773

About our business:  We grow the plums that we sell at our farm market, at farmers market, and will sell them wholesale. Varieties include Bluebyrd, Early Wizzard, Shiro, Alderman, Damson, Early Golden, Ozark Premier, Redheart, Santa Rosa, Simka, and Spring Satin Plumcot. 

Nels & Luanne Nyblad Family Farms
17965 Hall Rd
Casnovia, MI  49318

About our business:  We grow plums for processing, our farm market, local farmers market, wholesale for farm market (minimum 5 1/2 bushel baskets, and for grocery store trade in 30 lb packs.  Varieties we grow are Early Magic, Shiro, Castleton, Stanley, Vibrant, Tulaire Giant, and Bluefre.  

Christofferson Farms
33441 South Morton Rd
Ludington, MI  49431

About our business:  We grow plums and many other tree and small fruit.  We are open Sunday thru Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.   

Northwest Region

Cherry Beach Orchards
Mark, Karen, and Melissa Drake
855 S Stony Point Rd
Suttons Bay, MI  49682

About our business:  We grow the following plum varieties for sale at local farmers markets-- Friar, Blufree, Italian, and Stanley.  

Farmer White’s
Mary Cooper
11452 US 31 S.
Williamsburg, MI 49690
web site:

About our business:  We grow Stanley, Grand Prize, Shiro, Santa Rosa, and Red Heart.  We sell direct from our location. 

Fredrickson Farms
Gary Fredrickson
10201 Foxview Dr.
Northport, MI 49670

About our business:  We sell Stanley plums for wholesale only. 

Jelinek Orchards LLC
Marty Jelinek
5282 North Jelinek Rd.
Northport, MI 49670

About our business:  We grow Castleton, Valor, Stanley, and Vanier plums.  We sell at farmers markets and do direct sales and wholesale from our location.   

King Orchards
Jim King
4620 N M-88
Central Lake, MI 49622 

About our business:  We grow some yellow plums as well as some purple plums.  We sell all of them fresh. Our largest plum crop is Stanley prune plums. We do sell Stanley plums wholesale.

LaCross Farms
Glenn LaCross
5536 Sharnowski Rd
Cedar, MI  49621

About our business:  We grow Damson plums wholesale for processors.

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